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"Empowering Tomorrow: Innovate, Integrate, Transform with AI

"The best way to predict the future is to be ready."


About Us

"At BBT, we excel in crafting tailored LLM solutions, enhancing business efficiency with a focus on specific industry needs. Beyond transforming traditional sectors with AI, we selectively partner with mid-sized companies for joint ventures, providing not only funding and business resources but also robust technology support. This strategic collaboration has led to significant achievements: our clients report an average gross profit margin 7-8% higher than industry standards. Our commitment is further evidenced by our success in incubating unicorn companies, some valued at over $15 billion, underscoring our role as a catalyst for innovation and growth in the AI arena."

Globally Present

"Globally established in key cities including Chicago, London, and Hong Kong, our company is a pioneer in diverse industries, empowered by our advanced in-house developed 'Octobrain' LLM model technology. We seamlessly integrate AI into various industry landscapes, offering businesses worldwide a competitive edge and shaping the future of business in the AI era."

Our Services

OctoBrain Base LLM

Our cutting edge in-house developed  Octobrain AI Model ,has  flexibility in privatized deployment, and with strong resilience to adversarial attacks, set us  apart from competitors. Our focus on custom solutions, efficient computing, and comprehensive model support tools provide a competitive edge in delivering specialized, industry-tailored AI solutions.


Unique Competences

Enhanced efficiency , Better productivity

Data flywheel drive Scalable Business

Industry-specific precision

Efficient computing , Better ROI

Flexibility in privatized deployment ,full control of the data

Comprehensive model support tools provide a competitive edge of applying ai in diverse business scenarios 

Elevating Expertise: Transforming Professional Advisory with AI-Enhanced Productivity

Data on a Touch Pad_edited.jpg
Professonal Advisor Bot

"In a recent application of our OctoBrain model, we developed a tax chatbot that has revolutionized the way our clients approach tax advisory services. Trained with the latest tax knowledge and real-world tax Q&A data, this chatbot has become an integral tool in daily advisory scenarios, boosting productivity by tenfold. The chatbot's ability to handle multiple client inquiries simultaneously and provide reliable, professional tax advice has significantly improved customer satisfaction. Tax advisors are now able to assist more clients efficiently within their scheduled time slots, leading to increased revenue and higher profit margins for the enterprise. The integration of OctoBrain in this scenario exemplifies how automation and AI-driven insights can enhance efficiency, improve customer experience, and drive data-driven strategic planning, giving enterprises a competitive edge in their industry."

Accelerating Growth: Catalyzing Scalability with Our Advanced Data Flywheel Mechanism

Our automated data flywheel system is a sophisticated tool built for adaptive learning and scalability. It's engineered to improve its performance as it encounters more data, constantly refining its understanding and capabilities. This system is designed to handle an expanding range of tasks and data types, aligning with the growth and scaling of your business. Its scalability advantage lies in its ability to become more proficient and efficient with each interaction, ensuring it can manage growing workloads without compromising quality, making it a dynamic and evolving asset for your business's future."


Expertise-Driven AI: Elevating Reliability in Content Generation with Specialized CLMs

Our Customized Large Language Models (CLMs) are intricately trained on extensive datasets, enabling them to grasp the specific jargon, syntax, and terminologies unique to each industry. This specialized domain knowledge ensures that the CLMs deliver outputs that are not only accurate but also contextually relevant. Further bolstered by our retrieval-based content generation framework, these models achieve reliability that aligns with industry standards. The precision of these outputs significantly enhances informed decision-making, bolsters productivity, enriches customer experiences, and optimizes overall enterprise operations

Secured AI Deployment: Ensuring Data Integrity On-Premise and in the Cloud

Our private deployment model offers unmatched flexibility and security for enterprises. We can seamlessly deploy our trained models directly into clients' server rooms or leverage the robust infrastructures of Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. This approach ensures that our clients enjoy the dual benefits of maintaining data within their control while also capitalizing on the advanced security and reliability features offered by leading cloud platforms like Azure and AWS. Clients can trust in the enhanced security protocols and continuous innovation in data protection these platforms provide, ensuring their sensitive information remains secure and their operations remain uninterrupted and efficient.


AI Enhanced Toolkit: Versatile Add-Ons for Comprehensive Model Performance

We provide a suite of complementary tools to augment our AI models, tailored to meet the varied needs of our clients. This includes sophisticated early warning systems, versatile bot integration systems, and robust human verification systems. These tools function as plug-ins alongside our CLMs, offering enhanced capabilities and adaptability to address a wide array of specific scenarios and requirements. This holistic approach ensures our clients have a comprehensive solution that is both versatile and effective in diverse operational contexts.

Working With the Best

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"
Mark Twain

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